Thursday, April 30, 2009

Presenting.....The House!

Prepare for millions of pictures~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katie inspired me to put up the pictures I took of the finished house. Some of the photos aren't that bright but hopefully you can see everything. The only thing left to do is put down hardwood floors in the big room. I am so happy with how it turned out. I'm even happier that I didn't have to do are Martha and Carroll. John's parents had crown moulding put up as a wedding present (it's gorgeous!) and my parents provided a lot of the furniture. Most of it was redone by my dad in the shop behind the house. My next goal...and I have to wait for to finish the garden wall in the back then start planting flowers. I would also like to have a vegetable garden after we get married. Martha is insisting on chickens but I'm pushing for a sheep. Don't tell John. Martha found one for $4 on Craig's List the other day. Now all the house has to do is sit and wait until John gets home. Only 244 more days!

Quote of the Day: "When Michael was in charge, this place was like the Roman Empire. And the Wild West. And war-torn Poland. There was just, a lot going on. So what you wore to work was the least of anybody's worries. And in the chaos, I soared." -Dwight Schrute

Sunday, April 26, 2009

There's no place like yardsales

I know now why John went to Iraq. He didn't want to help with the yard sale. Friday night Carroll and I considered going too. Check out Martha's blog for lots of details. We had people shopping while we were setting up. It was dark. They shopped with flashlights. Since we left the house about 5:30am Saturday morning I completely forgot to get suntan lotion. I am totally fried. Even though I'm exhausted and probably won't ever do it again I actually had a good time. I really wanted to scream "EVERYTHING HALF OFF!" Martha never gave me that chance.

Quote of the Day:
Jim: "What case have you ever actually solved?"
Dwight: "Case of the beet bandit. Missing beets from all over the farm, no footprints. Inside job. Mose in socks. Boom. Case closed."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Travel Time

Well, John has safely landed. He won't even really tell me where he is. He only gives me what Michael Scott calls "general specifics." We talked until his phone minutes ran out. Now he has to resort to email. The good news it he's that much closer to being done. I can't do much to help the cause until I get an address for him. Then I can start sending him junk. I did deworm his horses today. That's doing something, right. I'll update as I can.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cool Water

John is officially off. He went at 5:00 today back to base. Before he left today we walked some of the trails we take the horses on. It was pretty hot so we played in one of the creeks. The water was freezing! The cows snuck up on us. We would see them peeping out from behind the trees on the other side of the bank. After 15 thousand different phone call of "report back now, no, I mean later, wait, I mean now again, hang on, did I say now...or later...or...." AHHHHHH! I have to go o bed. I'm exhausted.

Quote of the Day:
Michael Scott: "Oh hey is that Princess Unicorn? I thought they were all sold out."
Dwight Schrute: "They are now."
Michael Scott: "Cool. 'My horn can pierce the sky'."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Play Days

Can you see the tree face?

We got our first ride in last week since John had been back. The past week and a half has been filled with John running back and forth to the base and us trying to cram everything in we can while he's here. We took the horses all over his farm and rode to the very back of the property. There is a really cool tree that Joy and I found that has a face carved in it. It's kind of creepy! I got off, waded through the creek and got pictures. The water was freezing. Today we tried to go to the Battalion send off for all the guys in Fayetteville. By the time we got there the fire marshal had ordered the doors to be closed because they said too many people were inside. So, we called John and told him we would watch it on t.v. and had go home. Ah, it's almost over, right?

Quote of the Day: "Maybe the Michael Scott Paper Company... was a huge mistake. I should leave, I should go, and start my own paper company. That'll show 'em." -Michael Scott

Monday, April 06, 2009

Guess Who's Home!!

Well, he was home. Now he's gone again until Wednesday. Carroll and I had to go to the base to pick him up. Yep, they searched the truck. It's really uncomfortable having someone go through all your stuff. It was also raining and dark. We pulled into the parking area right before the bus with all the guys on it pulled up. It was so good to see him. We couldn't go straight home. Some of the guys needed a ride to find their peep's. Then we went to McDonald's. Then we took him to see his newly redone house. He really liked it. It isn't completely finished. He did have to take a shower by the light of a pink seahorse (don't ask). We'll finish that when he comes back (hopefully) for a few days later this week. It's really hard to catch up in just a few days but we don't have much of a choice. Especially when the army says to report one day, then says don't, then says do again, then doesn't have water for the troops. I think I'm complaining more than he is. But, he's almost done. That's the phrase for the next 9 months..."you're almost done."

Quote of the Day: "These people need love and I am going to get it for them. Who cares if we sell a little bit of less paper today. A great boss cares more about the happiness of his employees than anything else. I am going to be Cupid. And I am going to shoot my sparrow at unsuspecting victims. And they are going to get hit and say 'I'm in love! I was hit my Cupid's sparrow!' Funny little bird but he gets the job done." -Michael Scott