Monday, April 19, 2010


It's hard to tell really. Martha didn't know about mailing the marriage license in a set amount of time so I sent it off this morning. So, in about a week...I should know if I'm married! I can't thank everyone enough for the help setting up and taking down and eating all of the leftovers. It was so good to have a week away to re-boot. I hope everyone got some good sleep after the long hours of setting up. John and I moved 2 of the cats over to the house yesterday. We took Rocket and Frederic. We plan to take Stevie but he is recovering from some horrible/deadly cat infection that we had to deal with the week of the wedding (thank you to Miranda for handling THAT for me). As soon as I can get some photos up I will. Now I have to catch up on office work and eat my hot-pocket.

Quote of the Day: "I would say I kind of have an unfair advantage because I watch reality dating shows like a hawk. And I learn. I absorb information, from the strategies of winners. And the losers! Actually I probably learn more from the losers." -Michael Scott