Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Winter Light

I can tell the light has changed. It's almost Spring. That means work picks up and the horses get grouchy. I'm already letting the grass grow in the upper pasture. So, DON'T TOUCH THE WHITE FENCE. Major made that mistake the other day while being mean to Aari. He bumped his nose into a normally unhot part of the fence. It pretty much ruined his day and his supper. He wouldn't go near his food bucket. We are going to attempt to finish the horse pasture this weekend. That means by Monday Cole could be test driving the new grass. Well, right after I teach him that it's wrong to plow through the fence. Something I failed to teach Sunrise. I'll probably dump Aari in there with him until he gets the hang of it...or until Scout comes.

Cole is getting a few days off. I had the farrier (yes, he showed up) trim his back feet too short. Now he's sore (bad horse owner, bad!). That's as far as I've gotten in training him these last few weeks. Oh, and he can 360 a little better.

Quote of the Day: "If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong."
-Pat Parelli

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sick as a Dog.

This is the real thing people. I'm currently chewing a Cold-Eeze gum ball "this is not candy" piece of candy hoping the zinc will keep me from getting worse. That means Cole gets a vacation for a few days from me. If you have any suggestions on how to get better please let me know.

Sore throat
Spacy out of body feeling

On a lighter note, I watched the National Geographic show about Great Whites with my dad last night. Yeah, never going in the ocean again.

Famous Last Words: "Don't be silly. If this was really the ship's self-destruct button, do you think they'd leave it lying around where anyone could press it?"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Celtic Cole

Cole's ex-parents came over today. We watched videos of when Cole was younger and untrained. We laughed until we couldn't stand it anymore. He acted even worse than he does now! Hard to believe. Aari had her first experience with a "power float" yesterday. Her teeth were in pretty bad shape so I had a vet come to try to fix some issues. It was basically nothing more than a really tough file attached to a power drill. Yeah, not much fun. She should have an easier time chewing and processing food. Cole had his yearly round of shots...all muscle shots. He was having a hard time moving today. We knocked out a short ride and I just gave up. It's a bad idea to ride a horse who's too stiff to turn. After a long day of doing nothing I laid on the couch and ate everything at Taco Bell. I should be their spokes person.

Rachael's Quote of the Day: "Don't believe everything you think."

Monday, February 12, 2007

I Need Riding Lessons

This is John's horse. I was able to ride him for the first time on Saturday. I made Carroll come with me to snap some pictures (I'll be signing myself up for riding lessons after this. I can't belive how bad my posture has gotten). He did fairly well. Just to throw some Walking Horse terms at you....he has a deep stride in his backend and I think I can get it better once we get him good and timed up. There, got that out of my system. We'll be shortening the shanks on his bit so nobody freak out. Yes, he is wearing half blinders in the second picture. He was acting a little crazy and I didn't feel like getting hurt (note the nerd helmet). Overall, I might keep him for myself. Just don't tell John.

Famous Last Words: "Let's split up, we'll cover more ground."

Friday, February 09, 2007

I Want A Camel

That being said, Noah cried when he looked at me today. Don't know why. I wasn't even looking at him. I heard him start to scream...turned around....and he had that sad lip thing going on. He eventually got over it, but it took him a while. Today is IMATT'S b-day. So, shoot over to his blog and wish him a happy one. Now, back to my original point. I have always wanted a camel. I've never even been around one but how cool would it be to have one scampering around the pasture with the horses. I'm pretty sure my horses wouldn't stand for it and bust down the fence, but for the 1st few minutes it would be pretty cool. One of my goals in life is to go on a safari. Now may not be the greatest (safest) time to do it, but someday. Maybe if I use my "new horse fund" money I can afford to go. Nevermind, I'd rather have the horse.

P.S.- We applied for John's new horses name....drumroll...."Lethal's Desert Eagle." It's up to the breeders association if we get it or not. We had to put down extra names in case that one was taken. I'm going to ride Scout (for the very 1st time) hopefully tomorrow sometime. I'll let you know what medical facility I'll be sent to after he throws me off.

1 last thing. Boo went to the cat doctor yesterday. He has a bad infection and doesn't feel well. He requested Taco Bell be sent to him. I'm just sayin'.

Famous Last Words: "I'll hold it and you light the fuse."

Monday, February 05, 2007

Holly As My Witness

Quietex is useless. Yeah, you heard me. It worked for 1 day. Then my horse went crazy. Yesterday I couldn't even catch him to ride. He ran 90 mph sliding around the wet ring while the dogs barked (I just knew he was going to break his legs and make me call the vet). Speaking of calling the vet, Cole is now the proud owner of 2 stitches. Maybe now he'll think twice before he gets a massive splinter in his neck. I'm also feeding animals for a man who lives 4 hours from my house (not really, just feels that way). He has a shiny new half pit-bull that I had to come visit before he left me alone to take care of her to make sure she wouldn't eat me. So far, she's only tried to eat the cat.

I got all my horse paperwork mailed out today. I am now a member of WHOA, NCWHA, NHSC, NWHA. Try and figure that out. It only cost me about $250 to get all my show cards together. Now I just need a show name for John's horse. Since I'm responsible for the training and care until he gets back from wherever he went I'm taking it upon myself to name him. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Famous Last Words: "Pass me a hanky; I'm going to wipe the foam off that dog's mouth."