Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vet/Ferrier Wars

The vet is on her way to my house this morning. Lilly found some way to cut her back hoof off of her foot. She was walking on her toe and her tendons were popping. I booted Scout from the stall to the round pen and Lilly took over the condo. After a frantic call to the ferrier (who assured me everything would be fine and he would come put a shoe on her this week) I calmed down and went to bed. This morning her leg was swollen and she was OBVIOUSLY lame. So, I called the vet. All I need is a massive infection, lamanitis, and then for her to go to that big pasture in the sky. I'll give updates as they come. I hope I don't have to give her shots. That's not in my job discription.

And my girl fish died. Who wants to volunteer to get her out of the tank? She's bigger than Lilly.

Scout update: He's pretty much the smartest horse I've ever seen. He plays with the huge silver tarp all by himself. I rolled him the orange traffic barrell and he rolled it back to me. We did that a few times and when he was tired of it he grabbed it in his teeth and stood it up so it wouldn't roll...then he ate grass. If Lilly croaks (which would be horrible) I'm keeping him.

**UPDATE**: An abscess blew out the side of her foot. I just have to soak it for a long time and stay off of her a few weeks until it grows out. I can't believe I didn't think of that! That's what happens when you panic. There was a guy who came out with the vet...I think he was a ferrier. He asked about Scout. While he was sitting in his truck before I got there he saw Scout, rolled down the window, and told him to go walk around the ring. Scout did it. The guy was pretty impressed. I sold him for the price of the vet bill.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Office Hours

Work is hard. It's hot outside. The phone rang about 10 million times today. I still have 2 kitties to give away and I don't want to. At least Katie and Justin's wedding went wonderfully. Now the group can sit around and take bets on who will get married next. I vote Noah. I'm headed home now to work on my other babies. Scout has learned what a huge silver tarp is (and doesn't really care) and Lilly is about to meet it. If you hear an ambulance just follow 'em over to my house.

I'll update for real later. I just ate some oatmeal and I'm a little slow right now.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ode to Joy

Joy, If I get you a plane ticket back here for 3x a week will you come ride Scout for me? I thought I'd ask. 3 kittens still available....possibly 2. Katie and Justin took Bear home last night. I cried. But now I'm fine (sniff). It's very hard to give away something you spend so much time trying to keep alive by waking up 48 times a night and feeding with a bottle. I'm going to miss all of them. Which reminds me, I have to run home and feed the babies now.

Horse update: Lilly is doing great. Just to make Martha mad...a little horse show talk. "She can really knock it down in the field." Cole is still pretty much himself. Scout is tearing my stall down. Joy, 1 last thing, I applied for racking papers for both Cole and Lilly. They should be here soon. Thought you should know.

Famous Last Words: "I know it's 30,000 volts, but I'm wearing rubber soles."

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Lineup

You'll have to excuse Lottie's apperance. She had just eaten supper. Martha took these photos last night so they are up to date. They all are very chubby kittens...even little Lottie. Star will be good for a fast paced family. She loves to play and spaz out. Hazel P. will be a good lap kitten (just don't tick her off). She has a growl and swat that would take down a rhino. Lottie had a tough start so she's a little behind the others but she is extremely sweet and will probably always be small. Spider and Bear have homes. They are the perfect brothers.

Because they were all bottle raised they are very much people kittens. Pick your kitty and come visit. Carroll already has!!

UPDATE***** ALL KITTENS ARE WEANED AND LITTER TRAINED. When I say litter trained I mean litter and newspaper trained. If you read the newspaper don't leave it on the floor or it might turn into a litter box. I don't have updated photos of clean baby kittens but ya'll have seen them. They are in the "play" stage so if you plan on getting one definitely stock up on toys. I am feeding them a combo of kitten milk and wet food to get them interested. They are also drinking water. They have sharp little teeths so hard food shouldn't be a problem.

Quote of the Day: "E. coli Happens."

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Martha: Does this look like a rack to you?

I've made my decision...I think. I'm riding Cole this afternoon and I'm going to try to make him rack. If anyone knows the web site for the United Racking Horse Owners & Exhibitors Assoc. PLEASE let me know. Lilly and Cole are about to get some new registration papers.

Kitty update: They are still at my house being weaned. I heart them but I'm ready for them to go.The orange one has blue eyes. Carroll, your gray kitten is massive. The calico will need an "understanding" home. She swats when she's mad. The black/white kitty can see and has a huge milk tummy. The little black female is greasy looking because she hasn't learned to clean herself. I'll try to get an updated photo up soon so ya'll can pick which one you want. Martha just called and told me she saw a free kittens sign. I think she should run over the sign so I can have a corner on the market.