Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Soccer is for whimps...and Rachael

I think my foot is going to fall off. The whole top of it is black. SOMEBODY stepped on it Monday during the soccer game. You know who you are...even though I probably don't (but you don't know that). So, I will be taking confessions tonight at group. You will be responsible for the hospital bill should I require it at anytime during the healing process. Tommy, we want to come back and play at your parent's house again. That was the most fun we've had in a long time. Even when I slid across the grass after me and Joy whammed into each other. It's been a long time since I've played soccer. I'm sure it was obvious to all those watching. Hannah, Martha told me about the running commentary during my brief but famous moments in the game. I'll be tapping into your email address book later this evening when your not looking. We should have another swim, eat, swim, eat, play soccer, eat night. But, this time we get to wear shoes.

P.S: the whole soccer is for whimps title...I don't want to get flamed for it. It's a joke. So leave me alone about it.

Rachael's quote of the day:

"Ned: What are you doing later?"
"Phil: Something else."
-Groundhog Day

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sigh of relief....America got it right! Maybe not in the past years of American Idol. But last night justice was had. How wonderful to see someone come from barely getting on the show to winning the whole stinkin' thing. If they had only seen Constantine's talent last year like I did. Oh well. We can't get 'em all right.

Brief horse show update: Have you ever been in a really bad thunderstorm? No, I mean the kind where you actually worry about yourself more than your horse that's in the trailer about 100 feet away under a massive tree that could go at anytime. Last weekend, in the middle of the stupid show, a hail storm like no other attacked the show. Everyone ran for cover. It was a very dramatic situation. Horses were crammed into trailers just in time for the winds, torrental rain, hail, lightning, and threat of tornadoe. When it was all over, the power in the ring was out. I know what you're thinking, "A horse show without that great music?" Well, they got the speaker working but not the ring lights and they had to cancel the show after class 19 because it was too dark to see the horses. What class was I in? Glad you asked. CLASS 21!. So, we packed Cole back into the trailer and went back to the hotel. Sensing something was amiss at the hotel....we locked the door immediately. And boy were we right. It was party time on the 2nd floor, all stinkin' night. We complained the next morning. Mostly because people slammed doors, yelled down the hall, and tried to come in our room. The guy at the desk told us there was nothing he could do because the police were at the hotel beside us and the security guard was at the one on the other side. YIKES! To make a short story long...Cole is home and the aweful show is over. But, Taylor won!!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

**************I'TS A BOY************

And I will call him Ned Ryerson!!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tommy Boy

Does this look familiar to anyone? Hmmm.
Anyway, 15 million horse shows this weekend. I'm gonna have to drink my V-8 so I have the energy to pull it off. Oh, and Joy, don't even think about coming to get your horse. I'm keeping him forever. He looks so pretty out in my round pen eating grass. I'm sure he'll make Cole a nice little pasture buddy. So, stay away from my house and your horse...I horse. Oh, and my kitty is still cute. He actually sleeps through the night now instead of waking up at 6:00, tearing up my room, and going back to sleep right before I have to get up for work. As for the name, none yet. I had some great suggestions. But, I just can't find one that fits him. So, just calling him "Here Kitty" is working out just fine. As for the photo, this is Mike (obviously) at the lake in a canoe (another obvious).

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

David Thewlis...or is he?

Meet my new kitty. I would tell you his name but he doesn't have one. That's the reason for my post. I need some good name suggestions for the little stinker. These are some pictures of him at the office. I'm pretty sure Taco Bell is his favorite. He's a good little office kitty...except when he stands on the keys and locks up the computer. The only redeeming thing is that he plays hard for 5 min. and crashes for 2 hours.

Oh, and my doctor cleared me at my post surgery appointment. He kept the pictures or I'd have passed 'em around the group.