Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Beans

So, apparently I don't update my blog very much anymore. But, in my defense, it has been crazy busy...and...I don't have internet at my house yet. It's mostly been too hot to ride but we have been able to hit a few horse shows in the area that we've never been to before. It's been really fun! A friend I used to ride with 100 years ago (named Jessica...oh and her cousin Katie) have been loading up a variety of horses and trying them out. At one of the shows we were THE ONLY WALKING HORSES THERE! We got some strange looks but still came out with some pretty good ribbons. Then, we came across a show that was small with no dressing out required. We could even pick our back numbers!! I might have picked #1 for me and #2 for John. Oh, did I mention John showed!! I'll have more photos and perhaps a video later.
Fun Fact: Jessica's horse is full brother to the horse I sold the people who where putting on this show. So the whole show we had people coming up and petting her horse. It was a little strange. Even in the show ring during the judging they were doing it. Never had that happen before. It was interesting.

Oh, and we might have won a trophy or 2.

It was so much fun and I have so many slim jims left to eat...we'll be going back.

Quote of the Day: "I don't have 30 thousand dollars lying around. I have it buried very deeply, and I don't want to dig past a certain someone to get it." -Dwight Schrute