Friday, January 28, 2011

Lots going on...nothing to talk about.

I really enjoy having sit on the couch evenings. We've been pretty busy with the barn lately and it seems like things are picking up. Horse show season is right around the corner and I've ridden my horses a total of 3 times since the fair. I'm actually impressed at how much my horses retained since last season. I got a lot of riding in last year and I'm sure they needed some time off. It's just the getting in shape part that's going to be difficult. John and I laugh at the extreme hay bellies they've all developed. Even always skinny Aari looks a little pudgy. I started this year with visions of increasing my riding lessons but quickly found that it was too much right now. Maybe later. Wallace and Rubble went to the mobile vet yesterday to get spay/neutered. I got a phone call about an hour in that Rubble was only 2lbs and she was too young. Wallace was actually huge so they were able to go ahead with his de-tomcatting. At least they can't get married now. My biggest fear was that we would have a sunroom full of beautiful half feral kittens. Rubble goes NOWHERE until she gains 2 more pounds and I trot her off to the vet. Oh, Valentines Day is almost here!!! I'm so excited. I've already bought John his present/ online/ discount price. He knows what it is so I can't really surprise him so I need one more really good idea. And, that's what I'll be working on for the next few weeks;)

Oh, and I don't do resolutions. Just thought I'd say that. Kind of takes the pressure off 2011. Except, I do want to finish writing a book I started several years ago. Nope, not my resolution though.

Quote of the Day: "I made a resolution to floss, and I did it. 12:01, January first, BAM! Blood everywhere." -Michael Scott

Monday, January 03, 2011

He's Well!

The old horse is now frolicking around with the other horses. Well, he actually just stands there and they frolic around him. I am so glad he's better and he healed rather quickly. My cousin got a horse for Christmas. I drove up to see him on Saturday. Absolutely beautiful and very sweet. I have pictures! Also, Christmas etc. are over. I killed Christmas at my house last night. It took forever to get everything wrapped up in paper and stored away. Then I ate a salad. I did get some cool stuff. One gift John gave me was pillows. Sounds not that exciting but if you've ever had to live with a really crappy pillow then you know how wonderful it is to find the perfect one. His mom gave me a magic pot from pampered chef. I've already used it twice. It really is magic. With the weather trying very hard to warm up I really want to get back to riding. My horses are fat and scraggly. They need a job.

ps- I found this photo my mom took the day of the bridal portraits! I think it's pretty.

Quote of the Day: "Having Luke here is a pretty big deal for me. Because his mother, who also happens to be my half sister, kind of cut me off from that side of the family fifteen years ago--fourteen. The last time I saw Luke, was the opening day of Ace Ventura 2. And that was '95. So yes, fifteen years on the dot. Anyway, I lost him in a forest." -Michael Scott