Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Guitars and Country Stars...and me taking pictures

The plane came to a screeching halt Sunday morning...with no delays...no massive oh-my-gosh moments...and a whole lot of airline peanuts. My favorite part of flying is the take off. I tried to make Martha let go of the arm rests like she was on a roller coaster (but she wouldn't). We saw a lot of famous people on our trip to Nashville last weekend (I'm not going to drop names like Vince Gill, Little Jimmy Dickens, Eric Church, JoDee Macina, and some guy at the airport Keithan knew). Everyone out there who has never been the The Grand Ole Opry go buy tickets NOW without delay or hesitation! We had an awesome time. Yes, there were a lot of old people there. But, we fit right in with them. They played everthing from bluegrass to rock country. It was televised and on the radio (which was also pretty cool. I've always wondered how they did that). Thanks to Keithan, Miranda, oh...Oscar too, a good time was had by all.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Where's Noah?

So, we're in Nashville and this crazy guy named Keithan wanted to have a contest with pregnant Martha. Can you guess which belly Noah lives in? The winner gets a melted popsicle.

p.s.- The plane was delayed over an hour yesterday thanks to weather in Chicago. Thought we'd never get here. The best part was Martha "freaking out" when the plane landed (a little rough). Nothing like a pregnant lady with a death grip screaming "Is this normal? Is this normal?"

We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and bought a lot of stuff. It was great. I'll give you an update on what we do tomorrow...well...tomorrow.

Ok...Time to Guess......

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Leaving...on a jet plane...


Well, VBS is over. I guess the only thing left to do is leave town. Martha and I will be winging our way to Nashville Thursday evening. It's gonna be fun. I wish I could bring Claude. But, he said he doesn't want to fly to the Country Music Capitol of the World in the belly of an aircraft. I'll bring everybody back something...or not...either way I'll be thinking about ya'll. Someone look after my stuff for me. Oh, and my truck needs to be cleaned out. Somebody do that too. And don't forget Cole. He needs his medication 2x a day. You can use the ziplock bag and the wooden oar for the boat to squish up the pills but you have to mix it in maple syrup or honey so he'll eat it. But, knock the ants off the feed scoop first because I don't think he wants to eat them too. So, I'll see ya.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Procrastinate...when you have time

My kitties are cute. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say that. The beach trip is looking better every day. 5 day clubs start in about 2 1/2 hours. Are we ready...Nope. I don't have todays Bible verse. Hang on, let me ask Martha. She was no help. I'll ask someone else. There are 5 messages on the office machine and I don't want to call them back. And, YOU can't make me. Joy just called...she's on her way with the verse. Ain't it great how things work out. I still don't want to call those people back.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Don't Mention The War...

If I see you this week, don't ask about the horse show. I would love to tell you more...but...I'm not going to. Especially about how bad my horse did. And about how stinkin' tired I am. So, I'm off to call the vet. But, don't ask why. Because it has to do with the horse show.

The End.

p.s.: don't ask Hannah either. because she'll tell you.