Thursday, July 28, 2011


Boy is it hot!!! I feel so badly for the horses that stand out in this all day. Back when we broke 100 we brought all the pasture board horses in for the weekend just so they could have some relief from it all. It really seemed to help them. Even the shelters don't do much to cool them off when it's this bad. I helped John get hay up last Saturday. It was the rush of the century. We could see the storm clouds building and had about 50-75 bales in the field....and....the tractor decided to not work. After frantically whamming on it it kicked into gear and off we went. Only 15 bales left to go when the storm of the century hit. I think I took 4 showers that day cooling off and then going back out to help. This weekend the hay will have to wait. We have a wedding to 105 degree heat.

Quote of the Day: "Dwight has been Acting Manager for three months now? ... Nope. A week. Just feels like three months. Let's see, we all have to punch into a time clock, which is very old, very strong, and has the slot about the size of a finger. We were all given new business cards, big enough to set us apart from the competition. Which is how I learned that our titles are now Junior Employee. Our lunch breaks are staggered to prevent wasting time. Mine's at 10:30 and I find that the first hour of the day goes by a lot quicker than the second seven hours." -Jim Halpert