Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Honesty 101

Ok, so ten things...But, what if I don't have 10 things...

1. I'm getting married in few weeks and I'm scared. Mostly of having to run a house and having to not cook nasty food.

2. I eat burritos for breakfast...with hot sauce. (refer to honesty question #1)

3. I have kept most of my stuffed animals from childhood and they now reside in John's attic.

4. I like "Parks and Rec" better than "The Office."

5. I am WAY more competitive showing horses than I let on. I like to eat professionally trained horses for breakfast!

6. My hearing in my broke ear is getting worse. I make up for it by nodding and smiling. Maybe I should get chalk and a piece of slate.

7. I am afraid to have children. Labor mostly. Anything I can't put out to pasture and walk away from for the evening scares me.

8. My favorite day was the day John left for Iraq. Not like it sounds! It was the most meaningful day we have ever spent together.

9. I love living at home with my parents. I'll miss my left corner of the couch.

10. I think American Idol is stupid...yet...I continue to watch it...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Resuscitating Nemo

When Martha and Mike where in Ukraine you might remember I bought Noah a blue beta fish as a bribe to keep him happy. Well, my mom kept Noah yesterday for a few hours at the house. He was playing by himself for awhile and then he came in and told my mom, "I pet my fish!" What? Should I be worried? I didn't think he even knew how to get the lid off the tank! Maybe he just meant he fed his fish...or he looked at his fish. If he really did pet his fish we'll be needing a new one soon. As of this morning, Nemo seems happy. Let's keep it that way.

Wedding plans are winding down. Activities are cranking up. My mom found a new cat at my grandma's house. He needs a home. Cutest kitten ever born. He is getting tested for all things cat today and if he comes out ok he will be given to the first person who raises their hand.

Quote of the Day:
Michael Scott: Ho! Ho! Hooo! Contraption! She's contrapting...! Ok, you know what? I think that I should drive you guys to the hospital and here is why; I am a licensed, Class C driver in the state of Pennsylvania. I gassed up the car--actually I put diesel in this time, trying to save some money--
Jim Halpert:You shouldn't have done that.
Michael Scott:Happy to do it!