Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Can't Do

I rode a horse the other day. It wasn't a great idea. I didn't fall off and John stood and played safety patrol so I didn't do anything stupid but it wasn't a comfortable experience. It did show me how much I've missed riding. Now that I'm about halfway through this pregnancy I'm really starting to get stretched out and a little uncomfortable. I know it only gets "better." I'm trying to enjoy it but goodness gracious am I tired. My OB laughed at me my last trip when he found me almost asleep waiting for him in the exam room. I got the "you think you're tired now" speech. Anyway, so far so good.

I'm sad about missing State Fair this year but there are other competitions I can enter besides the horse show. John is also going to be entering some competitions. I'm excited for him. He has a pretty good chance of doing well. We are considering entering Laurel in one of the classes at the horse show on a friend's horse. She has become quite the little rider. She talks about it all the time and has bonded with Lilly. Noah even rode last weekend. We had to tone him down a bit. Screaming "heeeya" at the horse while snapping the reins may be how the cowboys on TV do it but Lilly just froze and didn't know how to react to the little monster on her back. If his allergies hold off we can probably do lessons with him too. TWO YOUTH RIDERS! Hopefully I can start posting more often. We have been so busy with barn activities (injured horses, barn drama) that posting has been last on my list. It would be fun to put up a ultrasound photo or 2. I'll see if I can figure that one out.

Quote of the Day: "This morning Danny Cordrea stole a sale from me so what do I do? I go out and I steal Danny Cordrea. Funny thing about it, we don't even need 'em. We already have Packer on the road! Crrrrap. I forgot about Packer!" -Michael Scott