Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barn Drama

So, the oldest horse at the barn got hurt. At night. On a Sunday. He was running with the other excited pasture horses when he tripped on his blanket and it flew over his head. Down he went and his front leg was trashed. It took a really long time just to get him from the pasture to the barn. It was pitiful. I was certain that he had broken his shoulder. The vet checked and checked him but couldn't find a fracture. The horse is so big and fuzzy you couldn't even tell if he was swelling or just puffy. They loaded him up with so many pain killers I'm surprised the horse could stand up at all. We decided to give him a night and see what happened. THANK GOODNESS by the next morning he was walking on the busted leg and much more comfortable. I was terrified for this horse. He's 34 years old. Hopefully it's just stall rest and lots of good food for him at this point. He is accepting get well cards;)

On a happier note...Christmas is almost here and I have a new kitten to share it with. Baby Rubble is bonding with Wallace (the grown Tom cat). They share the cat bed at night. It's so cute. I really need to get a picture up because she is a gorgeous calico. She bit me the first time I tried to pick her up (no sign of rabies yet). Now I can hold her without a problem. YEAH!

Quote of the Day: "Toby has been leaving radon test kits everywhere like he owns the place. The first time I threw mine away I thought it was an ant trap. But I figured I'd rather live with ants than with this creepy little disc. The second time, I thought it was one of those, you know, the things you turn over and it moo's like a cow thing but upon closer examination it was another ant trap so I threw it away. And the third time, I did it out of spite." -Michael Scott