Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speaking of Cats

Baby Ruby is a terrorist. She has grown so very big. I'll have to get a real life picture of her up. I let her sleep with me the other night thinking it would be great to have a warm fuzzy kitten as a roommate. She slept on the back of my pillow. Everything went great until I tried to roll over. SMACK! She hit me in the face. This went on all night. She now sleeps by herself. She has become the boss of Colin and Will Feral (rescue kittens from the office). I do love all three of them very much. Just in case you don't remember where baby Rubs came from, Terry and Ruby M. brought her to me after she was dumped at the house of a lady Terry knew. Thank goodness the lady decided to find a home for her (mainly at my house. I heart this kitty). She came to our house while I was in a cat lull. Wow, I never thought I would have a cat lull. It's good to have another girl around. Tully is anti-social and Buzz is just crazy.

Becky (the black momma kitty) is living comfortably on the porch. Well, she's comfortable when Ruby doesn't run onto the porch and attack her. No kittens just yet. I am taking pre-orders so if you have any good families in mind...indoor/outdoor...I don't care just let me know and I'll tag the kitten as taken. I'm not expecting a run on unborn baby kittens so take your time.

Quote of the Day: "I love inside jokes. I'd love to be a part of one someday." -Michael Scott

Friday, August 22, 2008

Improving the Truth


Free cat to loving home. Good personality. Friendly. Loves to eat and be petted. Recently vetted. Has rabies shot and is FeLuk Neg. Will one day make a wonderful mother. Lived on farm with large house. Up to date on flea/tick treatment. Gets along well with other cats.


Free cat to loving home: To any home besides mine would be just great.
Good personality: If you put food in front of her you can scruff her and hold her.
Friendly: See "Good Personality."
Loves to eat and be petted: Starving to death when she was found. Will eat anything including small children and puppies.
Recently vetted: Rushed to the vet to check for all sorts of diseases that a human could catch from a cat. Massive worm infestation.
Has rabies shot and is FeLuk Neg.: Whew! That was a close one.
Will one day make a wonderful mother: Is about 1 week away from having between 3 to 600 kittens.
Lived on farm with large house: Abandoned by her former family to fend for herself in the nastiest old house on the planet while "mom and dad" moved into a gorgeous huge house down the road.
Up to date on flea/tick treatment: Seed ticks were falling like snow...but not anymore.
Gets along well with other cats: Can't tear the heads off of other cats while locked securely in a pet carrier.

I'm going to be blunt. I'm tired of this. People, when you take on a pet it's your responsibility. If you are planning to move in few years to an area that doesn't allow pets then reconsider adopting one. Cats can live up to 18 years or more. Dogs can live just as long. It is traumatic to a pet to relocate. It isn't always able to be helped but in most cases it is. If you do have to re home your pet, do it responsibly and for crying out loud don't just leave it. As much as we all would like to think that the cat or dog will go into the wild and live a carefree existence, it's just not the case. If your pet is really old, re homing it may not be an option at all. Your old pet wants to be with you. You may need to consider putting the pet to sleep while you are there with it. It isn't an easy decision to make but taking an old pet to a shelter is usually the last home the pet will have. The cat mentioned above, who is named Becky, was close to death and delivering kittens that she had no way to feed. She was eating grass and seeds to say alive. She will recover but it's going to take her awhile and my parents money to do it. Spay and neuter your pet. Make the appointment today before you forget. I have 3 to take. It's not cheap but it will save you a fortune down the road. If you have no pets but happen to find a stray, don't call the person with 8 million rescue animals to try to take it. Keep it yourself if you are financially able to house a pet. Ye ole "I just don't like cats" bit doesn't work on me anymore. LEARN to like cats. If my dad could to it, anyone can. He's the one who found this cat in the first place.

Today you have witnessed a Rachael rant. It was intended for no one specific. Everyone I know who reads this blog is a responsible pet owner. I'm hoping someone out there who stinks at pet ownership will come across this blog and be able to reap information that will prevent me from having to clean up their messes. And no, I'm not going to just look the other way while a pet starves. God didn't make me that way.


Quote of the Day:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


John's truck was pulling his trailer with Scout and Aari on it. Martha and Mike drove my truck with Cole and Lilly. The truck decided that it wanted to "jump" when John hit the gas. We made it about 25 min from his farm in Va. and it died....on the highway...WITH FAST TRUCKS FLYING BY. We made the truck go just a little bit more to a large grassy area where we could safely unload Scout and Aari and put them on the trailer with Lilly and Cole. Thank goodness Cole decided to not follow through on his threat to murder Scout and we all made it to the farm. The place was gorgeous! We decided that it was very much like Africa (non of us have actually been there). It was hot but we had a great ride. We then crammed all the horses back on my trailer and made our way back to where John's abandoned truck was. It CRANKED, then...IT DROVE. All we had to do was make it to a hill and let gravity take over. We did have to stop a few times to let it cool off but we finally made it home. John's truck is now at the doctor's office.

Side note: Our state inspector came to do his yearly inspection at the office today. Sheesh! He got on us for doing something that last year he told us to do! We aren't in violation or anything but he likes to have opinions on everything. At least he was nice today.

Quote of the Day:
Dwight Schrute: ["steering" the ship] Don't worry Michael, I'm taking us to shore!
Michael Scott: It's a fake wheel, dummy!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We went to the beach several weeks ago with the college/career group and I'm just now getting pictures up. John and I went with Martha, Mike and No-nee to the NC aquarium. My favorite part was the eel in the humongous fish tank. I'm so scared of him, I couldn't stop taking pictures. We had a really nice time, ate big-mac's, rode the ferry, and bought a vintage wooden sheep from a creepy store.

Tonight we just got back from Fiesta where we got to spend time with a good friend (edited)who is about to pop with child...even though you can't tell from looking at her. Trevor, this quote is for you:

Quote Of The Day:
Jan: "Well Michael, I...underestimated you."
Michael: "Well maybe next time you'll estimate me."

P.S.: I broke my hand.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Citizen Soldier

So, I went to family day with John to learn why he's an army of one. I was able to play in the simulator while humming the National Guard theme song. I learned his job isn't as hard as he thinks it is. I blew up 1 BMP-2 (whatever that is) and killed numerous terrorists (civilians...the computer made it very unclear)and had a great time. Then we ate barbecue. It was a good time. I still don't want him going to Iraq but at least he's confined to a huge canister of metal with guns. That will probably be the only family day I go to since he's leaving. I want a simulator for my birthday.

Quote of the Day: "Yeah, I went hunting once. Shot a deer in the leg. Had to kill it with a shovel. Took about an hour. Why do you ask?" -Michael Scott