Friday, October 29, 2010

Horse Show Wrap-Up

No horse show photos yet. I have to get up with a lady who has some great ones. We had a decent State Fair. Youth day went by REALLY quickly. I never thought I would utter those words but WOW! The kids made a great show. But, we were showing against world champion horses and riders. Whew! We barely made it out alive but Melissa was able to capture a ribbon. My qualifying classes were mediocre at best. Cole got fifth places Friday night. For some reason the second night is always better so I had some hope for Saturday championships. John and I went over to the fair after youth day on Saturday to waste some time before my classes. He won 2nd place in the hay competition! We took a camera to get photos and video of the horse show and came home only with photos of his hay and ribbon. He is so proud. We ate some junk and walked until we collapsed on a bench. Then, dragged ourselves back to the horse complex for championship night. Cole didn't place at all in his class. Lilly got a spectacular 3rd out of 3 in her qualifying class. I was ready to head home. I decided to finish showing Lilly in her last class anyway. I'm glad I did because there where more horses in the class and she was able to pull off reserve champion (for the second year in a row) and beat a horse we have never been able to beat before. As much as I love my horses I am still exhausted and don't want to see them for another week. They are happily back out to pasture and John is eagerly awaiting his ribbon and premium check in the mail. I might set him up a chair by the mailbox. So, I will leave you with a short training video of Scout. It's a useless video really but I have at least put one image of a horse in this post