Monday, August 29, 2005

Man Hands

Martha just called me from the line at the gas station informing me that tomorrow morning gas prices go up to $3.00 a gallon. So, in light of the fantastic news, I'm looking for volunteers. Who would like to come push me around town tomorrow? I have about a half a tank left . But, after going to work, the post office, the doctor, lunch, the bank, and back to work, I'm gonna have to walk home. Anyways, I'm going to attempt to go to bed early tonight...probly' won't happen though. Oh, for inquiries about the photo I will refer you to Hannah (aka: purple grimace). Brings new meaning to the term "man hands."

Goodnight to all.

"If you can't say anything good about someone, sit right here by me."
- Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Call to Go

Since Bobbie and Jesse will be leaving us soon for the mission field so far away I wanted to post a favorite poem of Jesse. I believe it pretty much sums up how Christians should feel about life...and death. This poem has a way of putting whether we go, or stay, into perspective. Bobbie and Jesse, you will have our prayers and support wherever you go. However, if you chose to stay with us....we won't be sad (selfishly said).

Afraid of what?
To feel the spirit's glad release?
To pass from pain to perfect peace?
The strife and strain of life to cease?
Afraid of that?

Afraid of what?
Afraid to see the Savior's face?
To hear His welcome and to trace the glory,
Glean from wounds of grace?
Afraid of that?

Afraid of what?
A flash, a crash, a pierced heart?
Darkness, light, O heaven's art?
A wound of His a counterpart?
Afraid of that?

Afraid of what?
To enter into heaven's rest,
And yet to serve the Master blessed?
From service good to service best?
Afraid of that?

Afraid of what?
To do by death what life could not?
Baptize with blood a stony plot,
Till souls shall blossom from the spot?
Afraid of that?

-John & Betty Stamm

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Mr. What's His Name

As common as the wayside grass.
As ordinary as the soil.
By the score he daily passes
Going to and from his toil.
Stranger he to wealth or fame.
He is only "What's his name?"

Not for him the glittering glory.
Not for him the places high.
Day by Day the same old story,
Try and fail and fail and try.
Life for him is sometimes dull and tame.
Poor old plodding, "What's his name?"

Tho to someone else the guidon.
Tho but few his worth may know.
On his shoulders rest the burden
Of our progress made so slow.

-James T. Johnson

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hannah the Troll

Hannah the troll says......."I get the last laugh!!!!"

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Beware The Giant Squid

Hey, remember that time when we all went to the beach but the house was too small for everyone to fit into because we ended up bringing everyone in the church and Martha was freaked out that we would get kicked out and sent home. And then I was so sick that I had to go to urgent care the second day we were there. Oh, and what about the light that blew up and nearly burned the place down. Yeah, I remember that too. So, in remembrance....I am giving you all a little farewell gift...."just a common virus." If you start taking vitamins now you might live through it.

And in closing: I had a great time at the beach. Hope everyone else did too. When can you watch a dramatic Coast Guard rescue while sitting in a lawn chair getting a sun tan. Photos to come (right after I find that roll of film. probably where I put my money case).

"Someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car."