Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scout Is In Exile

Scout has decided that he would rather beat Cole up than be friends with him. By the time I got in the pasture Monday night he almost had Cole pinned to the ground. I ran screaming into the pasture until he let him up. Scout took the long walk to the stall. When he decides to be a gentleman, he can come back. So far, it ain't happnin'. Note the new shelter in the background (yes, it has been finished) : Cole and Lilly are afraid of it. This morning I found them standing in the pouring rain at the gait refusing to go anywhere near it. After 12 fights and baiting them with grain I finally got them to stand there (shaking with fear) under the shelter. Whether they'll stay in there or not is anybody's guess. They are Tennessee Walking Horses. I shouldn't expect too much too soon.

1 LAST THING: I need a new name for Lilly. Her show name is "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." Yes, you heard it right. I am trying to rename her. Her dad's name is "Vanilla Sky", mom "Jennifer's Miss Priss", grandfather "Bridge's Battlecry", grandmother "Mackett's Pride." Whoever comes up with the best name wins.

Quote of the Day: "Someone must have the courage to lead the freak parade." -Don Imus

Monday, March 26, 2007

Babies Everywhere

They're finally home!! Scout and Lilly are now official members of the farm. We started by putting them in the same pasture and ended with Scout in the stall for "time out" and Lilly in with Cole. I'm not sure who's dominant. They switch food and run each other around the pasture. Scout will continue his training while John is out of state and Lilly will be taking a break to grow into those long legs. As hard as they are to feed I love having them on the farm. I'm actually excited about getting up early to check on them.

Come see them and look for Lilly in the show ring in the next few months as "Model Horse Champion of the World." Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on her...

Monday, March 19, 2007

El Pasture is Done!

Scout has his suitcase packed and he's waiting by his stall door to come live at my house. We pick him up on Saturday morning so he can begin his new life as a productive citizen in society. Or, on the cow farm. I turned Cole out in the new section on Saturday. He scampered around (as only Cole can do) and then followed it up with 15 minutes of pure horror as he charged the barbed wire part of the fence and slid to a stop just before plowing into it. Scout has 4 months to get completely broke before I ship him off to his new family...right down the road.

Come visit!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Free Horse For Sale

Cedar is selling a horse named Aari who tried to toss her mom.

Horse is brown with white marky thing on her face and is very hyper. Helmet required for riding. Seatbelt also required. And, somebody to call 911 when she tries to bolt across the ring and throw you into the fence. Only riders who have extensive experience with stubborn, hot-headed Arabians need apply. In fact, no application needed. She just may show up in your yard tied to a tree. Wait, she doesn't tie. JOY...I NEED YOU!!!!