Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dragon Storm/Take 2

What can I say about this weekend? I was tired...but not real tired. Hungry...but not too hungry. Cold...actually freezing to death by Sunday. I had a wonderful weekend. A big THANK YOU to Carroll for letting me wear the blue dress. It's my favorite. Just to shut Martha up I have to inform you that yes, indeed, she did take these photos of all of us. She also wanted me to let Tommy know that his drum whamming didn't hurt little Neil Earl's ears. Maybe when he grows ears it could cause a bit of a problem. I think my favorite part of the weekend was when the movie director told us to be in the movie and stand there (for 3 hours) and then ask us why we were standing there. I learned my lesson. I guess my photo won't go on imdb.com just yet. It's all about timing.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sick...as a dog

Hope everybody had a great Valentine's Day. I celebrated my Single's Awareness day on the couch with a stomach virus. The only thing I could eat and not get really, really, extremely, unbeliveably sick were Cadbury eggs my dad got me. It's a tough world. I caught the last few minutes of American Idolatry. The little guy with the grey hair got through. I'm so excited. I hope he wins...even though he won't cause the isn't "pop" enough. Oh, just in case I didn't tell everyone...Cole got a clean report from the vet. He's fine to go off to training in a week. So now I can get all sad again. But, knowing him his head will fall off and then another vet bill to have to deal with and another few weeks out of training. But, I'll let you know when that happens so you can console me.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Never...Ever Sift

I was sifting through some old horse show photos trying to find the perfect one of Cole to post. You know, where he's nice and shiny and picking his feet up high. Well, in my sincere search for a fantastic photo I found these. Just rock hard proof that watching stupid movies that no one else checks out because everyone else in the world knows they're stupid will make you learn really dumb things that will come out of you when you least expect it. But, I have also learned good things from our movie nights. For example: I can build an entire dragon killing spear flinger that won't jam every time you try to use it forcing you to cut the string...again. I have learned awesome facial expressions that are sure to get me to Hollywood and win that Oscar I have so longed for. I've learned how to dance (especially theatrical dance which is my personal favorite at the moment. For and example of this ask Hannah. She's the best at it). So, what useful tools have you learned from your favorite stupid movies?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

False Alarm

Everybody sit back, relax, and take a breather. Cole isn't leaving until March. I haven't told him yet but I'm sure he'll be relieved. I have a funny taste in my mouth. It might be because I ate a mozerella sticks followed by a Jamoca shake. It might also be why my stomach hurts. The office got a bill today for $.01 from a company we had already paid. So, I taped a penny to the bill and sent it back. My question to you is...how do you pay a $.01 bill. Do you write a check? Do you send cash? Do you call them and say get real and go dig around on the floor of your car until you find a penny and pay it yourself (tempting but not very nice). Well, I have a few phone calls to make so I'll make this short. Plus, I have to go drink some water to get this taste out of my mouth.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sparkly Things

About 2 days ago I met a local "starving artist". He came into the office for something completely unrelated and ended up telling us his life story and trials. Well, we will soon be the owner of one of his paintings. He should be back into the office in a few hours to present it to us. Not for free of course...but nevertheless we shall soon be the proud owner of a wren painting. Side note: I will be saying farewell to Cole who is going off to training. I'm sad and already going through withdrawals. I shall gaze upunst his empty stall in the morning and think, "Ha! Today I don't have to clean you. I don't have to add shavings to you or level you out and bank the sides to Cole can roll and not get cast against your walls. I do not have to haul heavy water buckets to you and empty and rinse them every night. I do not have to air you out and put lime on you so my horse can smell snuggle fresh. I am free from the bonds of keeping a stall!!" Wow, I feel better about sending Cole off already. Mabe I'll send him tomorrow.

P.S.-Martha took these "manatee" pictures at the zoo last weekend. We're going to have a sit-down with her and a National Geographic and explain to her the difference between manatees and seals.