Monday, December 28, 2009

Forgotten Updates

I completely forgot about my blog. With all the holiday stuff going on it never even crossed my mind. I don't have any recent photos to post. I'll add in a random one in a minute. Hop on over to Carroll's blog to see how I spent my last day of work freedom. If anyone wants 4 stupid horses please let me know. I have a new kitty! Brian came back from Maryland with Rocket. She was trashing his carpet and needed to come back to the land of less yankees. I hate it for Brian but I really like this cat. She is, however, available to adoption. Frederic and Tank will be sad to lose their sister again but not sad enough to impede the adoption in any way. I'm babysitting 5 cats for a family in my church until next week sometime. Some of them are also up for adoption. Very cute cats. I'm surprised they get along with my cats so well. John is almost on his way home. They have shipped their junk home and consolidated rooms. Now all he has to do is get on a a few weeks. I'm sure it's more complicated than that but after 9 months I'm getting pretty tired of the hindering details. We skyped Christmas morning so he could see all of his presents. He even got to open one. We will have his real Christmas when he gets home. Ok, enough catching up. Now for the random picture.

Quote of the Day: "And just like that. The one tiny aspect of government I enjoyed was clubbed to death before my eyes." -Ron Parks and Rec

Monday, December 07, 2009

Afton and Collin and Parades

I have no reason for posting these photos other than I'm running out of good ones to use. Afton (or as the lady at the vet calls him Af-taaaan) has finally found a buddy that he actually likes. Collin Feral hearts Afton and doesn't take no for an answer. When I feed them in the morning he shoves Afty away from the food bowl to get to it first and he doesn't even get smacked for it. We went to the Christmas parade!!! I can't wait for John to be here next year to experience the all the"I wonder why she fell off the float?" Hopefully Carroll will have photos up this week of all the interesting things the parade had to offer. Some of the floats didn't even have names on them! It was still fun sitting on the curb eating gummy worms and sour patch kids watching all the strangeness. We are already planing our float for next year. It might involve a tractor and a horse topiary.

Quote of the Day:
Ian: I'm a Professor. You can't talk to me that way.
Jeff: A 6 yr old girl could talk to you that way!
Ian: Yes, because that would be adorable.
Jeff: No, because you're a 5 year old girl and there's a pecking order!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So, Noah's new favorite song is "I Play Chicken With the Train." It's obvious he only likes it because it talks about trains. I was at Martha's house the other night and he wanted to hear the song again. Then...he started dancing. He was moving so fast the camera couldn't keep up with him. Laurel couldn't figure out what was going on. Christmas is almost here...which means John will only be a month from coming home. Look at me starting rumors. His house is nice and decorated. I'm still not sure if he'll like is new Christmas tree but I really don't want to drag down the one from the attic...especially since I have a bad habit of falling down the attic stairs. Hurry up John. I need help putting all this stuff up!

Quote of the Day:
Dwight Schrute: Michael, what is the meaning of this email that everyone got?
Michael Scott: You'll have to be more specific, Dwight. I get like eight e-mails a day.