Wednesday, November 09, 2011


We go Saturday with hordes of family for the 3D ultrasound. I'm so excited! I should get a DVD with it so I can put him on the blog. If all goes well this will be the last ultrasound until we see him in person. I hope he's awake. If not I might bring some sugar to help him wake up. Then I'll let him sleep the rest of the day. The nursery is in progress...not like he's even going in there for awhile. He'll be staying with me. He's a pretty active baby. He kicks like a wild man and this morning he found a fun new nerve in my back to jump on. I've heard that being active in the womb usually means a calm baby in person. Let's hope so. If not I'll have to recruit Cedar to help babysit.

Quote of the Day: "Last night, I dreamed that the number two was the most valued number in the world. The vice-president had all the power, athletes fought for silver medals, women were considered the best gender, and stadiums of fans shouted, "we're number two!" As with all my dreams, I'm guessing it was about my fear of immigrants." -Dwight Schrute


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! Bring the pictures to church on Sunday. I want to see "Baby Donkey". KJ

babyarnie said...

OM whoever told you "active in the womb means a calm baby" is a big fat liar!! :) Just a word of encouragement :)

Anonymous said...

Rachael, Tyler was very active in the womb, would get a thrill out of kicking me like crazy, especially during hockey games and has been EXTREMELY active as a wild and crazy toddler!! He used to kick me over on my back when I would try to sleep on my side - it was terrible. I ended up sleeping on my back for most of my pregnancy, which the doctor said was fine since Tyler had "issues" with being in that position. He ruled the roost even as an unborn child!!! Love you bunches - can't wait to meet him - LeAnn