Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I was walking through Kohls parking lot yesterday with John so that he could buy some cool guy shoes and I slipped. Remember that toe Daniel broke when he threw me in the ocean several years ago. I re-broke that toe. I didn't realize it until we went into Kohls and were checking out the guy shoes. We bought some for John and then he drove me to urgent care. John was cute and carried my big ugly green pocket book around as I was x-rayed and inspected by the doctor. They showed him how to tape it up and then gave me the coolest shoe...ever to wear for a week. John laughed at me all the way out of urgent care. This is really going to help me out a lot getting ready for the horse show. John won't even let me help feed the horses at this point. I'm going to try to sneak onto a horse today. First, I have to create a diversion.....
Oh, I have a new kitty. Have I already posted that? His name is Wallace. He hasn't yet been introduced to Ellie but the day is drawing near. I'm sure Cedar won't have a problem with him as long as he doesn't run. She has that hound dog chase after things that run down pat.

Quote of the Day:
Michael Scott: Pam you want to rub butter on my foot?
Pam Beesly: No.
Michael Scott: Pam, please. I have Country Crock.
-Michael Scott (The Injury)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm tired. It's been a busy last few months. We've been showing the crap out of our horses and so have our students and boarders. I'm very proud of everyone. It's a lot of fun to take four horses to a show and have everyone come home with at least 1 blue ribbon and 2 horses win end of show high points. I broke out of my shell and took Lilly in a trail class (basically an obstacle course for horses). It was a lot of fun. We got 4th the first time through. We tried it a second time and by then Lilly had it all figured out. She won that class. It's good to get out with friends and family...and horses and just have a play day. We have a new cat that I can't find named Fred and a new kitten named Wallace. Both are very cute. I am so ready for cooler weather!! Maybe we'll have a fall barn party.

...excuse me as a solve a office paperwork mystery....

Quote of the Day: "Cumberland Mills? And how did you get my resume? Oh no no, I''m flattered, don't get me wrong. I''m just not sure it's my official resume, or if its just something a satisfied customer posted online. What does it say under martial arts training? Oh... okay, I''m going to have to supplement that. What''s your fax number?" -Dwight Schrute