Monday, August 30, 2010


So, it's been busy. I really want a steak...with blue cheese. Maybe I can talk John into that tonight. We've been gearing up for another horse show. This time we're taking Lilly. She doesn't really want to go but she does have to pay for her room and board. She does occasionally have to get out of the green pasture and work for her cushy life. I know I haven't posted in awhile. We've had a lot going on. I'm teaching some riding lessons and we've been active with church. The barn has gotten some new boarders and there are new ones coming in. Very exciting times. I hope everyone is doing well. We have a new kitty named Mustafa. He's completely crazy and probably the happiest cat I've ever met. Hopefully I'll have a picture up soon of him.

Quote of the Day: "Recently I have been thinking about maybe leaving this job, but I felt like I needed a sign. And then Ann broke up with me the week I was going to propose, the government got shut down and yesterday one of those pigeons took an poop on me. And I was indoors, so..." -Mark (Parks and Rec)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Horses Galore

We have new boarders at the barn!! We picked them up last Saturday from a nearby stable and brought them home. The horses seem to have settled it very well. We've not had much time to ride because we've been teaching lessons like crazy. It makes for long days but at least I'm tired enough to sleep well at night. I have a new kitten!! Cora from church brought a little black cat into the office last week that had been thrown out of a van. He is super cute and friendly. Almost a little too friendly. It's kind of psychotic actually. I'm thinking some medicine to calm him down would be appropriate. My other cat Rocket isn't real excited to have him on her porch but she's adjusting. Photos of crazy cat soon.

Quote of the Day: "I lied to Kevin. Holly and I can never be just friends. I wrote down, a list of bullet points, why Holly and I should be together and I'm going to find the perfect moment today and I'm gonna tell her. [quickly looks at crinkled note] Number one, "Holly, you and I are soup snakes." The-- and the reason is-- because, in terms of the soup we like to eat-- That doesn't make any sense. [checks note again] We're soulmates! Holly and I are soulmates." -Michael Scott